About Foleys Finest Audio UG

Foleys Finest Audio UG is dedicated to create a credible and realistic sound scape. To deliver high end sound effects with simple effort, FF-Audio provides tools to model physical effects on an abstract level.

Although the tools are not limited to surround setups, they unfold their full potential in e.g. 5.1 surround setups.


Foleys Finest Audio UG was founded in 2016. It’s roots are in the recording studio “Sound Department” in Bremen, where between 2010 and 2015 many recordings were made and a handful of soundtracks were composed and produced.

With this background all products are a result of real world problems and strictly focused on high effect with low effort. Simple workflows and well thought algorithms are the reason for it’s success.

About the founder

Foleys Finest Audio UG was founded by Daniel Walz. During his Diploma in Computional Visualistics he researched thechniques to explore or auditory virtual environments, with a strong emphasis on psycological spatial perception. The results of this research create the fundament of the FF-Animator, where moving sound sources are modeled in a realistic surround scenery.

While developing various softwares form visaulisations to business logic he founded and led the Sound-Department in Bremen. Doing the work of the sound engineer he learned the needs for advanced tools. Leaving old restrictions behind he decided to put his efforts into creating visionary interfaces and advanced workflows.

Daniel Walz’s contributions on Software range from medical imaging tools up to full automated quality proofed ingest of arbitrary audio material.

The start is done with the Animator and a lot of ideas and simplifications will follow.